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How Does Facebook Feedback Scores Works?

Product Quality Score

Facebook will ask your *conversion based purchased pixel or CBPP and request a satisfaction of 3 levels from poor, good, great on the use, functionality, look, of your product.

"Bad product quality would reflect into a poorer score." 

Facebook will also request feedback from users that have engaged with your contact as well.

Didn't Receive Item 

Within the 3 questions shown to your CBPP audience will be shipping delivery confirmation. In most cases customers fail to wait on orders or check statuses based on tracking information. 

Users error plays a big part in this score. Most DS store have a shipping time of 15-25 days. Best practice would always be to notify your customer however, we find in most cases they fail to check their notifications.

Shipping Speed

Within the 3 questions shown to your CBPP audience will be Shipping Speed. 90% of DS ship from E-pack and generally it takes 15-25 days however, we can all attest that times usually are always longer 30+ Days

Feedback Scores Update Weekly. 

The screenshot below shows a weekly account update 

Happy Customers

SellingSocial.com was able to get my feedback score up by 3 points in 1 week. I was so worried about my store due to Shipping Times and some negative feedback but, not now! Thank you so much!

Anna Olson 

teecosi.com - Pets and More

As a DS I was always building out new stores because of the negative feedback scores due to shipping and other reasons that just were not fair. Finally, a service that give me the peace of mind. Great service and very fast!  

Julian Moore

thedesignstore.co.nz - Home Goods

Wow! The professionalism of this company is unheard of. I was very worried at first about my store but, after speaking with the team I knew they understood more then I did about this! My score went up and i'm continuing with them monthly. 

Christa D'ovit

General Store - Outdoor

I was able to increase my score by 3 points in 1 month! Sending the team my product to match with their audience was crazy!!! Such a great strategy and being proactive is definitely the key! Very smart group!  

Alex Hjelmeland

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7/4/2020- Note from the team

Facebook Feedback Score or FBFS will continue to improve and will be the key factor of performance when running Facebook, Instagram, Whatsapp (and who knows what else). 

Your FBFS is an algorithm. It can take 2-3 weeks for updates, once our service has started. 

All Business Managers or BM act differently.

United States have the highest value in Feedback scores.

Always advise being proactive for your FBFS. It's all about customer service. 

Lastly the biggest value we can provide is to exclude: Facebook Page Admins & Business Admins.

Most recent FB Update - 

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-Team SS- 


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