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    Customer Feedback Score

    The Facebook platform collects a variety of information using surveys from people who purchase from Facebook, Instagram and Facebook Audience Network ads. This helps to ensure that the ads accurately represent the product and service provided.


    How we Help

    Unfortunately, accurate feedback is not always left on advertisers ads leading to inaccurate scores which impacts the results that you see from your advertising. We help by letting our network of active Facebook users leave feedback on your ads allowing our clients to continue marketing stress free. Our aim is to increase and improve the Facebook page customer feedback score with our hack.

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    Medium Volume

    • 50-75 Order
    • For Mid-Volume
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    Mid-High Volume

    • 75-120 Order
    • For Mid-High Volume
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    $550 / per week

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    HIgh Level

    • 120- 150+ Order
    • For High Level Volume
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    $750 / per week

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    Covid-19 Relief

    • Delivery 24hrs
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    $250 One time Payment

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    CPM Drops

    We will bring those CPM’s down to normal or better levels all because Facebook rewards their favorite advertisers, the more your audience/customers are engaged and enjoy your product the better Facebook deems your ads. It’s a Win Win!.

    CTR Spike

    The two things that will determine your CPP (cost per purchase) are CTR (click through rate) and conversion rate. As a direct result of your page receiving a good feedback score your ads are shown to a higher qualified audience, with a score above 4 often CTR can double as ads spike in optimisation!

    CPP Reduce

    With higher CTR and higher conversion rates your cost to acquire a customer plummets. We typically see with high performing stores and high customer feedback scores as a result of FeedProtector receiving a $5-10 drop in customer acquisition costs!

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